Thursday, March 29, 2012

Introducing A Man of Privilege!

I know I've spent a lot of time talking about A Man of His Word, it being my debut novel and all that. And heavens only knows how much I love that book, how much heart and soul I poured into it. 

But let's be honest now. I've been going on and on about A Man of His Word for months. Years, even. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it's time to move on to new hunks (I mean, heroes) and new heroines. 

Yes. It's time to put Dan and Rosebud in the rear-view mirror and start looking toward the future.

And the future looks like this:

Available from: Amazon | Powell’s | B & N 
And local bookstores--but not until July 3rd, so be patient!

Oh, yeah, baby. The future looks BRIGHT! And a lot like a young Russell Crowe, don't you think?

Yes, it's time to start talking about A Man of Privilege, my July Desire release. Here's the blurb:

James Carlson is building the biggest case of his career. He’s spent years systematically rooting out corruption in the legal system, and the conviction of a federal judge is the final step before he resigns and runs for office. But to get his conviction, he needs the testimony of a former hooker. Given her wrap sheet, he’s surprised that this potential witness is still alive.
Maggie Eagle Heart wants nothing to do with anything in her past. She’s spent a decade living in anonymity, making Native American jewelry. When she’s hauled into the office of a Special Prosecutor of the Department of Justice, she refused to cooperate. She knows how lawyers and judges operate. She’ll have nothing to do with any of them. Except that James Carlson isn’t like any lawyer she’s ever met. Kind and funny, he doesn’t treat her like a criminal.  In fact, he seems to like her. As her attraction to this outsider grows, Maggie finds herself wondering if she’s finally met the last honest lawyer.

Sounds good, huh? July 3rd is still three whole months off--but the time will fly fast. I'll set up another blog tour, give away some more jewelry, and do some more signings.

So clear your calendars now--I predict this book will be so big, so awesome when it's released that the whole nation will set off fireworks in its honor! 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Blythe Gifford said...

Great cover! Great blurb!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Thanks, Blythe! I put a lot of sweat and tears (and rewrites) into this book!

Mary Dieterich said...

Can't wait for this one to be out there!

Hey, for that bright future, maybe the lamp SHOULD be on.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Mary, you would know about that lamp!