Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Concession Speech

Friends, voting has closed, and the readers have spoken. Karina Bliss is going to move forward in the DABWAHA voting, and it's time to put aside our petty, color-based differences and unite as category authors against the rest of the world. I heartily support my former opponent, Karina Bliss, and her cohort, Sarah Mayberry, in future rounds.

Well met, ladies. Well met.

Don't forget to keep voting! Other rounds are now open!


Karina Bliss said...

Hey, Susan, thanks for making it so much fun. Like I just said on our comments thread category authors get their butts kicked round two. We're whistling in the wind here but it's fun.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

*Icy Glares* Susan? SUSAN? Obviously, you're more practiced in trash talking than you'd let others believe. Well, this changes things, Ms. Bliss--if that even IS your real name. GAME BACK ON.