Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Loyal Reader (s),

You should totally vote for the
Cowboy. TOTALLY.
I come to you with a matter of great national importance: DABWAHA. What is DABWAHA, you ask? I don't have a clue. All I know is that it's a romance version of the March Madness Bracket. Sixty four books go in; one book emerges as a winner. How does that one book emerge as a winner? Reader votes, most all of which appear to be based on one of two things: Which books a reader has personally read, and which authors generate the most entertaining commentary, known in 'the biz' as 'trash talking.'

So, given that base of cluelessness, I am *thrilled* to tell you that A Man of His Word was reader-nominated for the final spot in the Category category! But we can't stop there, Loyal Reader(s). We must persevere! I'm up against some big names here--Courtney Milan, Thea Harrison. I make a vow to you--no matter how dirty the tricks Gwen Hayes pulls, I'm not going to curl up in a ball and pretend her words, her evil, evil words, don't hurt. Instead, I'm going to channel that pain into blind, raging fury. In other words, Loyal Reader(s), I ain't going down without a fight.

The 1st round voting starts tomorrow, March 15th. Normally, I'd say Beware the Ides of March, but this year, everyone else should beware ME.

As far as I can tell, most of this 'trash talk' takes place on Twitter. I've already started my campaign against my first-round competition, Here Comes the Groom by Karina Bliss. Below is a sampling of 'tweets' staking out my position:

Reasons why you should vote for A MAN OF HIS WORD in : My hero Dan would NEVER plan his own wedding, unlike my competitor's 'hero.'

A MAN OF HIS WORD is clean, wholesome romance. No fueling dangerous women fantasies, unlike some Presents and Super Romance books. 

Who needs children & puppies when you can have millionaires who own half of Texas and rides a horse?? Vote A MAN OF HIS WORD!

Vote for A MAN OF HIS WORD in : 100% made in America! Canada-smanada, I say!

 Voting Rule: Which *sounds* like more fun: A Desire book or a Super Romance book? I mean, come on-Desire's RIGHT THERE IN THE TITLE.

Can't believe  is so naive she fell for 's Hasbro Web O Deceit. I'd never be such an easy mark.

Clearly, you must vote for me in  and not the gullible or the conniving . I'm the only respectable choice!

A vote for A MAN OF HIS WORD is a vote for a Manly Man, the kind who looks good on a horse and better in bed. 

Reasons why you should vote for A MAN OF HIS WORD in : Unlike other Sarahs in the competition, I do not teach planking to children.

Reasons why you should vote for A MAN OF HIS WORD in : 1. Cowboys do it better. 2. Shirtless cowboys? HELLO. 

Reasons why you should vote for A MAN OF HIS WORD in : 3. It's a Desire. That makes it awesome. 4. Two words: Campfire scene.

Reasons why you should vote for A MAN OF HIS WORD in : 5. I'd never stoop to bribing voters. But I'm not above buying them a drink!

Reasons why you should vote for A MAN OF HIS WORD in : 6. Of all the Sarahs nominated, I'm *clearly* the most awesome. It's the hat.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels has a blog on this and some of the promotional videos other authors have done for their books. So I don't have a clue, a video, or a budget for this. I do know it'll be good, clean fun*! Don't forget to vote!

*That's a lie. It's gonna get dirty around here!

UPDATE: My competitor, Karina Bliss, tried to talk some trash here, but it turns out she's from Down Under, so she's not very good at it. 


Mary D. said...

Look who's 'gansta' now!

Mary D. said...

Voting is only open for A Man of His Word until noon today (March 15). Vote now! and often--looks like you can vote as often as you want.