Monday, April 9, 2012

Mystic Cowboy SOLD!

So, a lot's been going on. I have Desire books coming out in July (A Man of Privilege), September (A Man of Distinction), February (The Rancher's Valentine), July (Bolton Boys Book 1), and September (Bolton Boys Book 2), with Bolton Boys Book 3 waiting in the wings.

Whew, right?

But something else happened not too long ago that I've been sitting on. Quietly. Which, I can assure you, has taken a considerable amount of restraint on my part. I've very much felt like my six-year-old son trying not to tell his father what he picked out for him for Christmas.

In other words, it hasn't been pretty. For almost eight weeks.

But now the e-ink is dry. (I guess? Darned new-fangled technology, confusing the heck out of me all the time!) (And, just to round out my old-fart rant, YOU KIDS STAY OFF MY LAWN!) And I can finally announce the awesome news!

Mystic Cowboy SOLD! It'll be published by Samhain on January, 2013!

I wrote Mystic Cowboy in 2009. Agents loved it. I got some positive feedback from editors, but any positive feedback was paired with statements such as, "But it's not right for us" or "I don't know how it would sell." In other words, they loved it, but they had no idea how to handle a book with where the hero is a medicine man who lives in a tent down by the river (but totally not in a Chris Farley/SNL way. Totally not.)

Yeah. I can see how that might be a tough sell.

But--and this is a big BUT--I loved this book. Rebel, the hero, is sinfully delicious. Two whole chapters focus on skinny dipping, people! What's not to love about this book? Shirtless cowboys who are Indians on horseback!

And the thing was, other people still loved this book. When my agent, Jill Marsal, signed me, she didn't sign me for a Desire. She signed me for Mystic Cowboy. She believed in this book. And I believed in her.

So she took it out for an editoral spin. Meanwhile, I kept writing Desires. I have multiple deadlines these days.

None of the traditional publishers bit. It was more of the same. I had been hoping that, since I now had a sales record from my Desires, that I would be a better risk. But no. Nothing.

So Jill and I discussed our options, and her position was that this book could be somewhere, doing something for me. I wouldn't get that coveted 3-book, 6-figure deal, but Mystic Cowboy could be out there, attracting new readers and building my brand name. I agreed. As much as I loved this book, it wasn't doing me any favors on my computer.

So we started to submit it to what's known as 'non-traditional' publishers--publishers who aren't as big as St. Martin's, for example, but have more nimbly moved into the digital age.

Samhain, in the form of editor Heidi Moore, didn't see 'hard to sell' when she read Mystic Cowboy. She saw a good book.

So she bought it. SHE BOUGHT Mystic Cowboy!

Here's the blurb:

The White Sandy Reservation needs a doctor, and Madeline Mitchell needs to do a little good in the world. It seems like a perfect fit, until she meets the medicine man, Rebel Runs Fast. As far as Madeline can tell, Rebel's sole mission is to convince her patients that modern medicine can't help them.  And the fact that he makes her heart race every time he looks at her only irritates her more.

Rebel swore off the white man's world--and women--years ago. But he's never met a woman like Dr. Mitchell. She doesn't speak the language, understand the customs, or believe he's anything more than a charlatan--but she stays, determined to help his people. He tries to convince himself that his tribe doesn't need her, but when patients start getting sick with strange symptoms, he realizes that he needs her more than ever. 

Pretty good, huh? I'm so excited that this book will be published that it's been driving me nuts to have to wait and tell you all about it!

So the e-book version will be published this upcoming January, and then the print version will be available at some point later in the year, maybe around October. (Why? Well, Samhain is a non-traditional, e-first publisher. It's okay. Don't panic! We all need a little time to get used to new things.) (And stay off my lawn!)

So now, the publishing schedule includes Mystic Cowboy, and I couldn't be happier about having another deadline to meet.

I'm so excited!


Andrea Dickinson said...

Yeehaa!!! I'm so happy for you! Congrats on your sale! And welcome to the e-first publishing crowd! :D

Kaki Warner said...

Congratulation, Sarah! That's wonderful news! You are definitely on your way! I'm so happy for you.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Thanks, Andrea and Kaki! You guys are awesome!

Mary Dieterich said...

WhooHoo! Glad that contract finally came through!

Blythe Gifford said...

So thrilled for you! Congratulations!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Thanks, Mary and Blythe! I couldn't have done it without you--and I am not just saying that. I really mean it!

Heidi Moore said...

"Shirtless cowboys who are Indians on horseback!" is what got me (and the skinny dipping helped too :)
Look forward to working with you.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

:) Thanks again, Heidi!

Robbin said...

Saddle me up! Congrats! From Chicago North RWA member :)

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Thanks, Robbin! Hope to see you at Spring Fling next week!