Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wordstock and Interviews!

Tune in to AM 930, WTAD in the Quincy/Hannibal area on Tuesday, March 9th at 9:15 a.m. for the Mary Griffith Show (or click to find her podcast).

Why? Because I'm going to be giving my first professional-writer radio interview, THAT'S why! And, as we all know, this is an event of monumental, epic proportions! My first radio interview! I'm so excited! I'm so happy! I'm so . . . 

I'm so mildly concerned about what to wear!

Longtime readers already knew that. New readers: I'm sorry, but it's true. I heard radio shows often take pictures and post on the internets. AIEEE! Fashion choices! Man the battleships!

WHY? Yes, I hear you back there. You're asking why am I giving my first professional-writer interview to Mary Griffith (on March 9th, at 9:15, on AM 930 WTAD), and I am fully prepared to fill you in.

On March 20th, at 9 a.m., the Quincy Writers Guild is hosting their annual conference, Wordstock, at the Great Debates bookstore in downtown Quincy, IL. I'm going to be making a presentation entitled, "Marketing Yourself to an Agent," so of course everyone should plunk down the $5 conference fee ($7 at the door; students are FREE) and come here me and four other presenters talk about writing. I have to tell you, $5 is just about the best deal going for conference fees. Add a few zeros to that, and you have typical conference fees. 

Wordstock runs from 9 until 1, so you don't even have to get a hotel room. It don't get no cheaper than that. If you're interested in reserving your spot, leave your email in the comments section and I'll send you the info.

So, a QWG member is doing the interview, and she wanted to know what my info was so she could talk about it on the Mary Griffith Show. When I emailed her, she invited me along. We checked with Mary Griffith, and she said it was "Cool!" (Direct quote.) So I'm going. I'll be wearing cowboy boots. And probably some other clothing, too.

Here's the short list of what I hope to accomplish:
1. Do not make a fool of myself (loosely defined as babbling incoherently, giggling uncontrollably, passing out, or making any unfortunate bodily noises);
2. Talk about my writing;
3. Get people to come to the conference;
4. Wish my Gram a happy 95th birthday (two weeks early) on the air;
and 5. Do not make a fool of myself (can't say it enough).

So Tune In (literally!) and see if I meet my goals! And also, what I'll be wearing.


Sarah said...

Oh that's so exciting!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

I know! But I'm thinking I should have added "throw up" to my list of things I hoped not make a fool out of myself doing.