Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Live on the Radio!

I did it!

If you remember my rather modest goals from last week:

1. Do not make a fool of myself (loosely defined as babbling incoherently, giggling uncontrollably, passing out, or making any unfortunate bodily noises);
2. Talk about my writing;
3. Get people to come to the conference;
4. Wish my Gram a happy 95th birthday (two weeks early) on the air;
and 5. Do not make a fool of myself (can't say it enough).

And I managed to accomplish most all of those goals!

I got there and was shown to the Green Room:
It wasn't green. But the couches were comfortable, so it was all good.

At the appointed time, I took my seat:
But I didn't take it very far.

We got underway. I'd met Mary Griffith at a Christmas party a few years ago, and she remembered me, so that was enough of an ice breaker to calm me down. 

Mary made the interview fun and easy--and she invited me back! I'm pretty sure that means I didn't make a huge fool of myself.

My fellow interviewee was Pollee Freier, who's written a book called Snickers, the Preacher Cat

Pollee had done interviews with Mary before, so she also managed to project enough calm that it wore off on me. 

Side note: Do you like that top? I had on jeans and boots with it. I consider that my "Business Casual Cowgirl" look. If there is such a thing as that.

We talked about the conference, and to top it all off, I managed to wish my Gram a happy early 95th birthday. I didn't get a lot of chances to talk about my books, but again, Mary invited me back, so I hope when I get signed by a publisher, I can go back and talk about just my writing.

I may have misunderstood about the podcast, so it may not be available, but otherwise, I think it went really, REALLY well! Thanks go to Pollee for inviting me, and to Mary for making me feel so welcome!


Mary D. said...

You sounded great! Sounds like you really know what you're doing!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

And we all know how rare that is! Thanks, Mary!

lucylucia said...

Wow, Sally you look great!! I wish I could have heard the interview though. :(

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Thanks, Lucy! I know, I misjudged the technology. I'll be better prepared for the next one, swear!

Blythe Gifford said...

And yes, the Business Casual Cowgirl looks awesome, at least from the waist up!

Hannah said...

Congrats! We need a podcast or a tape recording. Whichever!