Thursday, March 4, 2010


The month started off less than pleasantly here in Authorial world, which, unsurprisingly, tends to make Mom world a little rough, too. I was in such a bad mood that it infected The Kid. Suddenly, he was hysterical because he could only eat one fish stick. It was that bad.

And then, unexpectedly . . .


Unexpectedly, things began to look up. I swear, the clouds parted, the sun shone, and, well, it was a hawk, not an angel. But close enough. Something was singing.

Now, I'm not a religious person, but I 'm deeply spiritual. The beauty of the simple things on this planet--the sun setting over a glass-smooth river, a cardinal singing from a snow-covered branch--never fail to leave me awe-struck by a Power much larger than anything I'll ever understand. But nothing brings me closer to Earth than this:

Hi, there.

This is a spiritual experience for me. There's not a lot here, just a few green shoots that have made it past the frozen deadness of winter. I counted seven total. Next week, there might be seventy. In another month, there'll be hundreds. Thousands, even. I put a lot of daffodil bulbs in the ground because after a long, dark winter, I cling to the hope that Spring promises with big, sunny flowers. Spring. It's so close I can see it, growing right before my eyes.

This is my prayer.


*Programming note: Don't forget to read the last blog from Tuesday to find out more about my first-ever radio interview, next Tuesday!


Sarah said...

Love this post! That's how I felt yesterday when it was 70 degrees and sunny... and then the afternoon came, and the clouds and rain rolled in. But it was wonderful for a couple of hours! :-P

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Yeah, it's going to rain tomorrow. But more green shoots were already up this morning! YAH!

F Lucas said...

Hi! Love your posts! But, your dear cousin (and my husband) wants to know if Hannah or Leah have a more exciting blog?? He's trying to be funny! :>)

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Faith, you tell that man that Leah does have a blog, but it's a secret, and Hannah's working on it. So for right now, I'M IT, so he's just got to suffer!