Thursday, September 9, 2010

Round Two

WARNING: The following blog post contains WAY more photos of me, Ms. Sarah M. Anderson, than your recommended daily allowance. View at your own risk.

Friends, welcome back to the annual* Ms. Sarah M. Anderson Beauty Contest! We rejoin our contest after some intense voting and back-room bargaining. I'm your host, Burt Hasselhoff. Let's find out which Sarahs made the cut, and which ones went home early. Again, let's give all the Sarahs a round of applause!

(cue applause)

Give a warm welcome back to Thoughtful, yet Serious Sarah:

Many judges liked the thoughtful, but serious nature of this Sarah. Our next semi-finalist is Good-Time Girl Sarah:

A few judges wanted to see more from Good Time Girl Sarah, in the form of cropping and a warmer tone, and Good Time Girl Sarah was only too happy to meet the challenge! 

Now welcome Serious Cowgirl Sarah back to the contest:

She's still very serious.

Wait! We have a late entry, Serious Cowgirl Sarah's cousin, Semi-Serious Cowgirl Sarah!

Judges**, I'd just like to remind you that we have many Serious Sarahs with us today. Please be sure to specifiy which Serious Sarah you're voting for.

Bug Bite Sarah took an early lead in the voting and stayed near the top.

Yes, those biting ants didn't get her down! Finally, we have the Authorial Mom favorite, Tree Girl Sarah!

She got enough sympathy votes to squeak in under the wire.

That concludes Round Two of the Ms. Sarah M. Anderson Beauty Contest! Ladies and Gentlemen, another round of applause for all six of our lovely Sarah M. Andersons!  Judges**, please keep the rules in mind:
1. Keep it positive. Negative comments will be deleted.
2. All Sarahs can be made color, black and white, sepia, or washed tones. Do not let any Sarah's current coloring affect your opinions.
3. Remember, this is for an Official Author Picture, which you, loyal reader(s), will have to look up in the corner of this blog, on Facebook, on the Sarah M. Anderson website, and, good Lord willing, on book covers (hopefully sometime soon). Keep these mediums in mind when choosing.
4. Judges may choose only one Sarah for the Final Vote.

So tune in next week to see which Sarah will be crowned Ms. Sarah M. Anderson! I'm Burt Hasselhoff, signing off for the Ms. Sarah M. Anderson Beauty Contest. Until next week, judges! *waves to audience*

(cue applause)

*not really
**That's you, Loyal Reader(s)


Brent said...

My vote? Thoughtful, yet Serious Sarah!

Diana said...

I think the "bug bite" one is the overall best, but I can really picture serious cowgirl on a book cover, so I vote serious cowgirl.

Andrea Dickinson said...

Tree Girl Sarah is perfect! That's my vote.

(You look really beautiful in all of them, Sarah. Congratulations on a successful photo shoot.)

Barbara Marshak said...

Great blog post, Sarah! Love your humor. I do like your smile tho, so I may have to go with that one. :)

Melissa said...

I love Thoughtful, Yet Serious Sarah. Yet, I could also give my support to Bug Bite Sarah.

Gerusa Bernardes said...

My vote goes to YOUR favorite! ;)

Jill Winn said...

My vote is for serious cowgirl :)
I think they are all good though, it was hard to pick only one!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

It's neck and neck, with Thoughtful and Bug Bite tied for the lead, and Serious Cowgirl and Tree Girl tied for second!

lucylucia said...

Semi-serious cowgirl Sarah - a hint of a smile. Love it!

Heather Snow said...

Oooh....I LOVE Thoughtful, yet Serious Sarah AND Bug Bite Sarah.

But my vote will got to Semi-Serious Cowgirl Sarah. It's lovely!

Wonderful pics. Can't wait to see them in jacket covers!

Mary D. said...

I like Semi-serious Cowgirl Sarah. Where was she hiding?

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Sorry, Mary, I couldn't decide between Serious Cowgirl and Semi-Serious Cowgirl on the first go round.

Thoughtful, yet Serious has started to pull away, but voting is still open!

Megan said...

Thoughtful, yet serious. P.S. I think I can get a hold of you from middle and high school days if you are intersted! :)

Christine Segina said...

Serious Cowgirl Sarah. That's my pick! Best of luck Sarah