Thursday, September 23, 2010


Doing a little cleaning, a (very) little organizing around the ol' computer, and discovered a crazy collection of photos of stuff the Authorial Family did this summer. I got nothing else but insane workloads going on right now, so bring on the photos!

We explored sidewalk art (which, clearly, is also wearable art):

We got new windows in the kitchen--after the old ones literally fell off the house. Whoops!

And discovered, in the process, that the kitchen used to have really* ugly wallpaper:

We hit a County Fair:

Does anyone else find the name of this kiddie ride hilarious? Just me? Nevermind. Carry on.

We explored tanks:

had a front-row seat for a demolition derby:

and ate funnel cakes:

Oh, yeah. That's the good stuff.

We played hard-core family mini-golf:

'Hard-core' meaning, of course, nearly beaten by a five-year-old boy who kept getting distracted by traffic:

I edged him out by six points. HA!

We toured Lincoln's home, and saw dioramas with squash plants that were about a quarter the size of my pinkie finger nail:

And I debated making incredibly small, accurate miniatures when I grow up. Then I decided to stick with cowboys. (Seriously, the trees are smaller than my hand.)

We saw this sign as part of a display:

And spent the next half hour cracking E-Harmony jokes.


I wore the hat in Lincoln's home. So there.


Not in his Presidential Museum.

Gater is . . .


I mean, really.

How is he even doing that?

We battled ants:

and fleas, mosquitoes, and fruit flies.

And then, when summer ended?

The Kid--my baby--grew up and went to kindergarten.

The end.



lucylucia said...

I love that your house has layers.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

My house is like an onion. No, a parfait. Everybody loves a parfait!