Monday, January 21, 2013

New Signings for Mystic Cowboy and Real Cowboy!

Whee! It's been a crazy three weeks since Mystic Cowboy came out!

Are you still following along on the blog tour? Commenting for your chance to win? The Rafflecopter thing didn't work out as I hoped, but you should keep commenting on the blogs. I'll be giving away prizes on Valentine's Day!

Here's the update on the blog links:

Jan. 15: The Book Queen 
Jan. 26: Emma Lai Writes
Feb. 2: Limecello
Feb. 7: Heroes & Heartbreakers 
Feb. 13: Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind

Here's a list of places I'll be signing and speaking in and around Quincy, Illinois!
Feb. 5: Radio Interview, Book Notes, WGEM 105, Quincy, IL, 8:35
Feb. 7: Radio Interview, The Mary Griffith Show, WTAD 930, Quincy, IL, 9:15

Here's where I'll be signing in St. Louis!

There may be a few more fun surprises in store--stay tuned!

And here are the latest reviews!

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