Thursday, July 8, 2010

Branson, Part Two

So, as you may (or may not) have read last week, we went to Branson and saw Brule'. Awesomeness ruled.

But there was so much more the the vacation than that! We did other crazy stuff, too.

We ate lunch at Lambert's, home of the Throwed Roll. We played sidewalk checkers outside.

Notice the bright sunshine? By the time we got done with lunch, it was POURING. We got incredibly wet making a run for the car.

Yeah, like that.

We went to Dick's Five and Dime, an old-fashioned general store. Those with a more delicate sensiblity may want to look away:

Of course, those who find the fact that Dick's saw fit to stock marshmallow rope candy in the ladies' bloomers section of the store should look again. I thought it was hilarious.

Because we all forgot our swimmy suits at my folks' house, we went to Bass Pro to get some more--only to find that they don't carry kid's stuff, and only slender women buy clothes at Bass Pro. (No worries: A lovely Lane Bryant was nearby!) The Kid took a picture of me with a bear:

At least he didn't drop the camera.

We went to the Stone Hill Winery, where my wonderful husband bought me a case of cream sherry. While we were on the tour, listening to a hilarious man named Bob explain how they carbonate their carbonated wine, a Zydeco band showed up. Really.

A Louisiana bus tour with a child-prodigy accordion player showed up, handed out beads, and broke out a concert on the lawn. Only in Branson!

We went to the Dixie Stampede, where I took pictures of the horses. Not the building, the flower garden in the shape of a huge butterfly, or the cast of actors. Just the horses.

See the special saddle? This guy was one of the two horses who jumped through a flaming hoop with a rider STANDING ON HIS BACK!! Absolutely amazing.

It rained. The sun came out. It got humid. We swam in a pool. We hit the outlet malls. We drove a long, long way. Then we left The Kid with my folks for the week on our way home--and the real vacation began!


Pamela Cayne said...

Oh wow--that sounds so fabulous! I'm jealous of your wonderful trip. Glad you had fun!

lucylucia said...

Fun! Did you like Lamberts?? My sisters and I are going on a weekend trip to Memphis and are thinking of stopping there for dinner!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Lucy, Lambert's is an experience--everyone should do it at least once!

Thanks, Pamela!

Heather Snow said...

Ah, the flying rolls...

Glad you had such a nice trip. Enjoy the time away without the boy. My mother-in-law will be keeping mine so I can go to RWA in Orlando. Going a few days early so I can relax without housework and mommywork! Yippee!

Andrea Dickinson said...

I'm so in awe that you posted your 'caught in the rain' pic! You've got chutzpah! Loved your travelogue.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Andrea, I have very little shame left. See the picture with the bear for proof!