Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Record Player

You know what's fun? Fun is letting The Kid rifle around my old closet back at Mom and Dad's house. The other day, he turned up this:

My old Fisher Price record player. Talk about a blast from the past! I hadn't seen that thing for decades.

The Kid was fascinated. He'd never seen one of these before, much less gotten to play with one. It took a lot of digging, but finally we found records he'd really enjoy listening to.

The Aristocats soundtrack:

And the Great Muppet Caper soundtrack:

So we fired that bad boy up and cranked it on. I had to ask my mom if the records were 33 rpm or 45 rpm. And then I had to ask her what 'rpm' stood for again. Man, it had been a long, long time.

I think The Kid has a future in DJ-ing, because he was scratching that needle like a professional. But I'll say this--that darned record player not only still worked after 30 years and a new Kid trying to kill it, but it still played amazingly decent sound. Who knew Fisher Price was all high-fidelity?

Then, things got hairy.

Literally. My mom's cats, Mama Kat, Bucky, and Tucker, had never seen a round, rotating disc thingie before.

And it was playing cat music! Extra bonus!

But, just like with The Kid, the 'new' wore off pretty quickly. Bucky (or is it Tucker?) got bored fast. He didn't care for singing frogs at all.

Mom offered to send the record player home with us, but I politely suggested that we make it a special treat when The Kid comes to visit his Mimi and PawPaw (i.e. Not a shot in Hell is that thing coming home with us!). Besides, we have exactly zero records in our house, whilst my parents still have every record they ever bought.

Next time, we're going to dig up Annie and Disco Donald Duck. I wonder if I can rig up a mirrored ball?

Do you still have a record player? Do you still play records on it?


The Nanner said...

You never know what you'll find in the closets at mom and dads!

Blythe Gifford said...

Yes, actually, I still have a turntable and real vinyl that I play periodically. Amazing as it may seem, there is music, lots of it, that isn't available digitally!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Blythe, if you're ever down in St. Louis, there's a record store called Vintage Vinyl that's a mecca for real records. I highly recommend it!

Carolyn said...

But assure the kid there are no monsters in those closets. I wonder if Fischer-Price needs a spokeskid????? We GROOVE to records all the time. Hope we can find the Annie record....I still sing it all the time.

Andrea Dickinson said...

Yep, we pulled my old record player out of the basement a few years ago for the kids. Complete with my entire stash of kid records. Annie, included.

It lasted about a day before Kid #2 wanted to see how the needle worked by putting his finger on it and rubbing. It broke right off.

My mom loved that, since I had done the exact same thing at the exact same age.

Do they still make replacement needles?

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Wow, Andrea, it's always hard when you get what you deserve, isn't it?

Laurel Levy said...

my parents gave away my record player just like that... I almost had a fit... GREAT pics... ahh the memories... I had the soundtrack to Annie, Sleeping Beauty and Winnie the Pooh... LOL

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Laurel, we have a LOT of records because my sister teaches musical theater, so we all went through a phase where we'd be in a thrift store and see a record for Brigadoon, for example, and automatically buy it. The Kid is well versed in musical theater, to say the least!

lucylucia said...

I remember when my parents bought me a Christmas present in 1995 - it was a "stereo" and I was super excited and then when I took it out instaed of having a dock for playing CDs it had a turntable on top. I took it with me to college!! Hannah and I danced to that thing for YEARS!