Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Annual Tradition

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a . . .


You know what this is?

This is Mother Nature saying, "Girl, it's ON." Or words to that effect.

This is just reward for a fall spent grubbing around in the dirt.

This is The Kid and the Girl Next Door's just reward for helping me grub around in the dirt. I told her she could pick some for her mommy. The Kid will take some to his GiGi, my Gram, tomorrow. That's called sharing the love.

Just wait until the tulips get going. This is floral art, au natural style.

This is . . .

 . . . a dog desecrating my floral art, au natural style. Rotten little dog!

Dang. So much for Zen and the art of daffodils.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

I love them! And, I've added to my fall "to do" list: Plant daffodils. -Ivy

Hannah said...

Way to go Gator!!!!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Ivy, I highly recommend it. You have to grub around in the dirt, but man, it's worth it!

And thanks, Nanner. I knew you'd appreciate Gater's 'contribution!'

Gerusa Bernardes said...

the dog...sorry teacher, but the dog was the best thing..forget about the flowers...the DOG..hahahahahaha funniest!