Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Happy" Halloween?

Halloween is nigh approaching. How can I tell? The signs are all there.

The pumpkins are getting all gussied up.

We grew these pumpkins ourselves. They were ours to do as we saw fit with. And we saw fit to do this with them:

I'm particularly proud of this one:

And on the other side:

Yeah, that's right. I did that one.

This pumpkin is proud. And Loud.

Those pumpkins got off easy. Just a little makeover. Some pumpkins weren't so lucky.

The horror. Oh, the horror.

You'll note that I'm not removing any pumpkin parts. I was emotionally scarred by being forced to carve my own pumpkin in Girl Scouts in second grade. I nearly threw up in my pumpkin. Ever since, I've kept a safe distance.

That face--that face will haunt me for at least four more days.


Other signs of the approaching Halloween? My son's teeth have been possessed by wiggly, giggly spirits. These relentless spirits are going to wiggle and giggle those two teeth right out of his head, just as soon as he lets me near his mouth.

He's four and a half years old. This seems early for multiple teeth to be on their way out--and multiple teeth to already be coming in--but he did get those teeth at--you guessed it--four and a half months. So it's all good.

Things got really, really scary this morning. At almost the same moment, evil spirits possessed both my head and my computer.

Not really. But perhaps the spirits did, in fact, possess my son, who launched a dog toy at the computer. So you'll have to forgive me it there's anything a little wonky about today's posting, because, trust me, there's a lot wonky going on at my house.

I blame Halloween.


Mary D. said...

Those pumpkins are really artistic! Poor computer looks so sad.

lucylucia said...

Oh your poor computer!! But you know I've always wanted to take a knife to my LCD screen. Was that green goo I saw?! Also, great job on pumpkin carving!!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Not green goo--just the busted monitor. For a while, it looked exactly like a pop art daisy. And then it got worse.