Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So, you know, we don't have enough going on. Remodels, newish jobs, fall garden harvests, kids, new books. Not enough going on.

Yup. That's right. The perfect time to get a new dog!

This is Gater. Or Gates. But not Obama.

Really. Not Obama. The Quincy Humane Society said he was named Obama when he was surrendered, but they didn't think that would help get him adopted, so they started calling him Gates. I didn't know that wasn't his name, so I decided he looked like a Gater.

This is a problem. My husband does not want to call him Gater. He calls him Gates. Why? Oh, you'll love this. Because he thinks the name Gater makes it sound like we are supporting a Florida college football team. Really.

Anyway, remember this guy? Jake, the Three Legged Wonder Wiener?

Not a huge fan.

So, Gater.

Is he adorable or what? He's part Beagle, part something-terrier. Maybe rat terrier? Don't know. He's probably a year and a half old, so not a puppy. Only weighs about twelve pounds--and half of that is leg. He was an outdoor dog, the Humane Society says, so we went out and bought a crate.

I don't want to make Jake sound bad or anything, but I think Gater's smarter. He's already figured out that Jake does not have a crate. And he does. Only took three days. I've tried explaining to Gater that as soon as he stops pooping in the house and eating stuffed animals and puzzle pieces, he won't have to stay in the crate. So far, we've made progress on the pooping part. Not the stuffed animal parts. One day at a time is a good motto right now.

I don't want to make Jake feel bad or anything, but wow. The new puppy (even though he's technically fully grown and all that) is either going to tone him up until he's buff or kill him. Poor Jake can't keep up with all those legs on walks. Gater lets him win at most of their play fights, but when he gets fed up, he literally just sits on Jake. They play fight for hours, and when Jake gets tired, he gets mean and goes for the tendons. He keeps looking at me like, "Okay, this was great, when does he leave?" Sorry, boy. Not happening.

And the kid? Loves Gater. LOVES HIM. This is really his dog. I love Jake, lots and lots, but a 7 1/2 year old wiener dog with three legs who had major back surgery is not really the best pet for a four-year-old boy. Gater? Bounces--and bounces back. They run together, play fetch, and roll around in the grass. Gater even comes to the kid when he calls. Jake doesn't do that. Jake is best first thing in the morning, when the kid is just waking up. Gater is good the rest of the day. And, judging by his energy level, well into the evening.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are looking for a puppy, please go check out your local Humane Society or shelter or even the pound. Puppies are cute and all, but there are thousands of dogs (and cats, but we aren't cat people) out there that need a home and have a lot to offer. Plus, they are usually easier to potty train and believe me when I say that they will LOVE you for giving them a home.

Just like these guys.

Our dogs.


Carolyn said...

Oh what a sweetie. Such good pixs and the one of play fighting is hilarious. Gater, like Jake, will love you with all his heart. MOM

lucylucia said...

I love Gater already. He is seriously the cutest guy ever!! Also - looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!! yay!!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Yah! Thanks, Lucy, and see you Sunday!

Mary D. said...

Soooo cute!

Hannah said...

Can't wait to meet him!!

I'm just picturing Charlie yelling "GGGGAAAATTTTTTERRR" at the top of his lungs.

Glad they are all having so much fun together.