Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The End is Near

Oh, stop being such a fatalist. I'm talking about home improvement projects.


During (phase one):

During (phase two):


We've never done wallpaper--and yes, I'm counting border in that category--before. I think it turned out well.

It's not done. Any experienced home remodeled knows that the project is never, ever done. There's this:

Note the baseboard--it's still in the garage. Also, note the shocking lack of bookcases. And, of course, the pictures. See all these:

Some part or whole of all those pictures in all those frames have to be decoratively applied to walls.

Like this original work I bought at an auction:

I thought over here would be nice, between the window and the tall case, right over the chair:

But you know what my four-year-old son said when I asked if he liked it there? And I quote: "Not so much." This is the problem with raising a boy with taste. Everyone's a critic.

Still, this week, I sat in my office, finished the Vegetarian book, and started Redeeming Vicky.

For every ending, there's a new beginning. Even with home improvement projects.


Diana said...

Congrats! Your office looks so cute. My son is a critic as well. He does not get it from anyone strange. :) My mother-in-law loves to tell how she always asks my husband (even as a small child) if he likes something because if he does, she knows its good and if he does not, she knows he will tell her.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Thanks, Diana! How about your daughter? Does she have good taste, too?

lucylucia said...

Sally, that spot above the cream chair is the perfect place for that pretty piece of art!

Mary D. said...

The office looks great. Plenty of space to think and write. The colors really go well together.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Thanks, Mary! And Lucy, I thought so, too. That way, it's the first thing I see!