Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, The Dust

You have no idea.

And honestly, the dust isn't as bad this time as it was when we ripped the old plaster and lathe out of the basement. That was dust that's still clinging to baseboards.

But this is dust that's grinding into carpets with a tenacity normally reserved for chiggers. Not that I speak from experience there, either.

Anyway, I let my kid run the camera to take pictures of the drywalling in process.

Annie Leibovitz he ain't.

But look at that nice wall, with new and improved outlets! I'm going to run some nice bookcases along that wall. Going to be lovely.

The kid wasn't done yet:

Two things here: First, I would like it to be noted that I had been scraping wallpaper glue off the walls before the kid broke out the Kodak. Second, that ladder thing the drywall guy left in our house overnight? I almost kept it. The temptation to hide it away until after the worker left was huge. That's the most wonderful ladder-like contraption ever. I want one for Christmas.

This is a pretty typical angle for a four year old. All doorknob.

I even tried to get my head in this shot, and still barely made it. But they're going to start on that floor on Friday. Boy howdy, it's going to be beautiful.

If we ever get the dust out of there.


Carolyn said...

I think the four year old did a great job. I know someone whom, throughout her life, has taken pixs a lot worse, including one of her own face. He shows promise, and the office looks great already, and the floor, Love, MOM

lucylucia said...

The office does look great!! Also, I think I have the exact same shirt you are wearing hanging up in my closet!!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Thanks, Lucy!

Ann said...

So if you keep that ladder contraption, will you loan it out to the neighbors?

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Sadly, the ladder has already moved on to the next admiring homeowner. But if I had kept it, loaning would have been on the table!