Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Office in Progress

So, you know, I like to have fun.

Fun. You know. Fun--the kind of of enjoyment that comes from house guests and their pets in residence at the same time contractors are dumping house detritus onto newly made guest beds and screwing new drywall in, all while I'm frantically figuring out what the sam-hill I'm going to do in a classroom after five years.

Like I said. Fun.

Toss in a kid who screams in his sleep and a dog who keeps figuring out how to break into my room at 3 in the morning just so he can snort and shake his cute, floppy little ears until I'm ready to drop-kick him through the wiener dog goal posts of life, and I'm not sure how much more fun I could possibly stand.

(NOTE: This is not a diatribe against house guests. Love them. Especially when they entertain my child for hours--yea, DAYS--on end. Even more so when they are my family--I feel less obligated to make my house spic-and-span.)

So, having recently been just about funned out, here are some pictures.


Same place in the room, During:

Look! A Window! Look again! Wide plank red oak flooring (that needs to be refinished, but otherwise, ooooh)!

Look! House detritus! (It's already been cleaned up.)(Thank God.)

Office in Progress. Why do I feel like Woman, Interrupted?

Ah, remodeling . . .


lucylucia said...


Sarah M. Anderson said...

Seriously! They are awesome--even better now that the rest of the carpet is out. I was afraid they wouldn't be salvageable--old floors covered by old carpet? but it's going to really be lovely.

Ann said...

your office is looking great!