Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bittersweet Accolades for A Man of Privilege

I'm so excited!

Sara, the Harlequin Junkie, named A Man of Privilege one of the Top 10 Harlequins of 2012!

I'm so excited about this! Privilege came out in July and I'm so thrilled that readers and reviewers are still remembering James and Maggie.

This is extra-special to me because I dedicated it, in part, to my Gram, who died the day it was released on July 4th. I received my author copies six weeks before she passed, so she had plenty of time to tell everyone about 'her' book.

I've been missing my Gram a lot today as I wrote Christmas cards. Gram was a fanatic about her cards. She kept a running tally of how many she'd received and announced the total--often over seventy, occasionally up to 90--to anyone who stood still long enough to listen at both Christmas and her birthday. I think it was her way of letting everyone know that, even though she was very old, she had not been forgotten. People remembered her, by God, and you should, too!

I'm so glad 'her' book is the one people remember, the one people loved. Because I know I'll never forget her.

And you shouldn't, either.

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