Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Man of His Word is Out! I Think!

I think A Man of His Word comes out today. Or maybe not. I can't tell. I thought it came out on Dec. 6th--but then Amazon lists the release date as today, Nov. 29th. But it won't 'deliver' the Kindle version until Dec. 1st.

In other words, my book is out! Or not! But maybe soon!! I'm excited!!

The blog tour is on-going. Yesterday I was at Nikki Brandyberry's blog, today Wendy the Super Librarian has posted an *awesome* review at The Good, The Bad, and the Unread, and tomorrow I'll be all over the map at Romance at Random, Musings from the Slush Pile, and Novel Thoughts.

Whew! I'm kind of tired just thinking about it!

Here's the rest of the remaining schedule--plenty of more chances to win a signed book and register for that necklace!

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ash said...

When I click on the links it doesnt take me to your book

lucylucia said...

Sally it is out! I got my pre-order in the mail a couple of days ago from Amazon. Caroline is already reading it. Actually, last night around 9 I asked her if she wanted to watch the new Office episode with me and she said that she was going to spend some time with Dan and Rosebud instead!