Thursday, July 28, 2011

Websites in Process

Boy, the Authorial Mom (that would be me, Sarah) has been working hard on updating my website. And by "working hard," I mean I have been scratching my head and feeling lost and confused while other people tell me things I don't understand and then take pity on me and hold my hand to walk me through the process.

It's exhausting, I tell you. I mean, what the heck IS an FTP, anyway? I haven't found the person who can tell me in English.

Which is why I don't have anything else to say today. Nothing funny, anyway. The Kid has been at my folks' house for a week, depriving me of cute Kid-isms to relate to you. The dogs just flop underneath whatever ceiling fan is going. Nothing funny there.

I'm busy working on a book that I'm calling The Lawman and the Judge, which is not going well because the hero, Tom Yellow Bird, has been in two books already being mysterious and unpredictable. Why I expected him to do anything different in his own book, I don't know, but he's being highly mysterious and unpredictable. It's driving me (and a variety of loved ones and trusted friends) absolutely batty.

And it's hot.

So There.

Tune in next week (I hope!) when I will grandly unveil my newly redesigned website!


lucylucia said...

I think your posts are always funny! Anyway, hot summer days with a mysterious character don't sound too bad to me!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Oh, he's PLENTY mysterious, Lucy. I just wish he'd talk to ME!