Saturday, February 20, 2010


So, you know, it occurred to me that, while the title of this blog is Authorial Mom, it's really almost exclusively a Mom blog. Which, of course, if you're my mother and enjoy reading about what The Kid or various dogs are up to any given week, is just fine. (Hi, Mom!)

The Kid and everything about him--how much salad I can make him eat, how many dragons I've stepped on today, or who his latest girlfriend at daycare is--takes up about 40% of my daily brain power. Toss in a Husband, the aforementioned dogs, and the never-ending battle between dishes and laundry, and that's about 85% of my daily brain space.

But there's more to this whole endeavor than the Mom part. There's the whole Authorial part. In real life, the Authorial part is constantly running in the background, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays takes up the bulk of my time. It occurred to me that the Authorial part doesn't get the air time that the Mom part does.

So I'm making some changes. Starting this week, Tuesdays will be the Authorial Day 'round these here parts. I'm not exactly sure what form Tuesdays will take. Fewer pictures of my dogs, maybe, replaced with more links to industry insiders on hot topics, like the recent Amazon/McMillian throw-down. I might post what I know (?) about the business side of publishing.

I'll put up more details on the book(s) I'm working on, for sure. After all, I can do 8-9,000 words a week. (Note the can. I can. I don't always, but I can.) That works out to a book every three to four months. That's a lot of character development, story arc, and happily-ever-after in a relatively short time. Why, I'd be willing to bet there are at least four people out there right now who want to know what the heck all those people who have constant conversations in my head are talking about. I'm pretty sure I'll also be talking more about the American West and American Indians, too. It's what I write. It's what I love.

If you already get an email reminder about the weekly Authorial Mom update, I'm still only going to send out one per week on Thursday. If you'd like to get that reminder, email me at and I'll add you to the list.

So join me on Tuesday, when I start putting the Authorial back in the Authorial Mom blog!

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