Saturday, December 5, 2009

Number Three

So, as I mentioned last week, tis' party time!

The English as a Second Language party came and went with lots of leftover food. I ate Thai food for a week and am currently hording the last of the peanut sauce.

Then, last Friday, I went to the first of three different community college parties, this one held by my Nighttime Boss. True, when I informed other guests that I teach ESL--all who worked for said community college, the one where I teach said ESL class--most of them looked at me like I had personally landed that morning from another planet and was oozing irradiated slime out of multiple orifices. I'm not sure if they even knew we had an ESL program.

And then, then I made it worse. I mentioned that I have four different editors looking at No Man's Land. That I write romance. New Western romance. In a room full of community college educators. I went from 'oozing alien' to 'oozing alien selling timeshares.' Remind me not to do that again. Not without some artificial ego support, anyway.

Not everyone recoiled in horror. Renee, my Nighttime Boss--who does NOT look at me like I'm oozing--was a wonderful hostess, and the Dean of the College was also quite friendly. He is apparently aware of the ESL thing. But not the romance thing.

What a difference a night makes. The very next night, I went to Melissa's house.

(I'd like to publicly apologize to Melissa for my crummy camera skills. This is not my best work.)

Melissa is one of those wonderful people who is a friend of a friend, who then became my friend as well. True, she's got four adorable children under six, and I work 2 1/2 jobs. We don't see each other much, but one of the reasons I treasure her friendship is that that's okay. We enjoy the time we get. Melissa happens to teach at the aforementioned community college, but she reads regularly reads my blog. In other words, she's cool.

Melissa had a jewelry party--Lia Sophia. It was the sort of crowd that, when I mentioned the whole romance thing, did NOT recoil, gape in shock, or poorly contain a look of disgust. This was the kind of crowd that said, "Really? Where can I get your books? I LOVE romance novels!"

That's pretty much word-for-word what Jody said, God love the woman. Jody Beckman was the 'advisor.'

(I'd like to publicly apologize to Jody for my crummy camera work.)

I liked Jody not just because she loves romance, but because she had a nice laugh and her eyes sparkled when she talked about her husband and kids. My kind of woman.

However, I felt bad for her--and Melissa--because I do not buy things at home parties. I just don't. You can't undo 33+ years of frugal German training with some nice earrings. Although that one pair was very nice . . . I go to home parties for the chance to talk to other adult women and eat snacks. But to make it up to Jody, feel free to use her name as your 'advisor' if you decide to buy some jewelry. Christmas is right around the corner, after all.

Mission: Accomplished. I ate snacks, and I talked with other adult women. Success!

Melissa's sister Cindy was there, with her daughter Hayley.

(I'd like to publicly apologize to Cindy and Hayley for my crummy camera work.)

I think they did most of their Christmas shopping for each other.

April arrived seconds after I did.

(I'd like to publicly apologize to April for my crummy camera work.)

I'm afraid I actually shut the door in her face, but she was lovely.

Susan goes to church with Melissa.
(I would apologize for the camera work here, but, as you can see by my presence, I didn't take this. Melissa was exacting a little revenge, I'm afraid. Still, Susan got the better end of this picture, I think.)

I got the feeling Susan goes to a lot of Lia Sophia parties. She knew all the answers. Even the one about the 'Husband Unawareness Program.'

Did you know about the Husband Unawareness Program? I got the distinct feeling that I was the only one in the room who hadn't heard about it, and I'm not sure if I'm breaking some Wife Code rule by even acknowledging its existence.

We all took turns trying on necklaces and passing around Melissa's adorable twins.

(I would even apologize to the jewelry, if I thought it cared.) (Next time, I'm bringing Lucy Lucia with me to take all the photos for me.)

(Cindy, this one is better!)

Yes, much jewelry was purchased. I had a wonderful time. And no one looked at me like I oozed.

That's what friends are for! Thanks, Melissa!

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lucylucia said...

Oh you. Just turn the flash off! Also, your camerawork is just fine! I'm surprised that the community college folk were so smug and intellectually self-satisfied that they acted so horrified. I thought that only happened at Universities! ha!Anyways, you'll be laughing all the way to a book tour so whatever.