Thursday, July 16, 2009

So Far . . .

Well, it's day 3 of the great Washington, D.C. Road Trip to the RWA National Conference.

A Quick Recap:

1. The Museum of the American Indian was awesome. Not so much in the 'old stuff on display' way, but really interesting, thought provoking exhibits, several of which will wind up in a book by tomorrow. Did you know there's an active skateboard culture on reservations? Do now!

2. Hotels in Cumberland, MD (famous for its Gap) are kind of hard to come by. But you can drive from Western Illinois to Maryland in one day. If you're a little nuts.

3. I was wrong. Janet Evanovich was not at the autograph event. But instead of being really bummed, my mother walked around and looked at every single one of the 500+ authors at the signing and had a grand time anyway. She's out at some museum as we speak.

4. I met my agent this morning. Good meeting. I like my agent in person, and she seemed to tolerate me pretty well. And I don't want to get everyone's hopes up, but three editors at Major New York Publishing Houses have asked to see more of my works. My agent feels good about this. I feel ecstatic!

That's about it for right now. Tonight is the Fire and Ice award reception--further awards-based updates as they occur. I've met a few people here that are neat and I don't think I've stuck my foot in my mouth too much.

So far, the trip is a success!

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David Alan Lucas said...

The Native American Museum is my second favorite one in DC. It os fantastic!

My favorite one is still the International Spy Museum. ( I know, you are far from surprised.