Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Vacation

Ah, summer vacation.

My hubby's on a business trip. My kid's experiencing the true joy of a whole week of being spoiled rotten by loving grandparents.

And I've got the house to myself. Just me and Jake, the Three-Legged Wonder Wiener.

It's such an odd sensation. For instance, I picked up the living room and even vacuumed. And then - you won't believe it - I came back down the next morning, and it was still clean!

Parents of small children can truly appreciate how rare and wondrous that is.

So I've done some housework, but only a little, because I don't have to keep doing it. Almost a vacation from clutter!

And the kid? My folks have a swimming pool. They went to see Up. And then they drove the big motor home down to the lake. Boat rides, fishing from the dock, and - kids these days! - a DVD player for when he gets 'bored.' You know what I got when I was 'bored' as a kid? A swift kick outside, that's what. He gets to watch movies.

Reports from the field are that he's having the time of his life. He couldn't wait for me to leave, frankly, because only Mimi will let him buy circus peanuts. You remember circus peanuts? A "candy" that's some unnatural shade of orange and has all the taste and texture of Styrofoam? Circus peanuts will never cross my threshold - but anything goes when you're on vacation.

He only gets upset when he over-thinks, which usually occurs at bedtime. He started crying about how much he missed me long after story time had ended one night - but wouldn't even talk to me the next day because he was playing with toys. Yeah, that's where I rank. Just below cars.

The person who's getting the short end of this stick is my husband. He's on a business trip, and having to do actual business. He emailed me yesterday that he'd already reached saturation point - and it was only Wednesday. Sure, someone else is cooking his food and making his bed, but he's still working. Poor guy.

Well, I'm still working too. I'm keeping my normal work schedule. Editing continues, and I had a job interview today to teach a second part-time job - English as a Second Language, which was the job I had when I lived in Chicago. So, I'm actually about to start working more.

It's been an interesting week. I've watched TV - but not BBC World News America or Lilo and Stitch - eaten chicken and pork chops, and slept in late in the middle of the week.

But I miss them. Sticky faces, socks on the floor, dirt tracked everywhere; hugs at story time, conversations with stuffed animals, and the kind of kisses that make a girl want to write romance novels - I miss it all. It's not being homesick, because I'm the only one at home. It's being people-sick.

Despite owning the remote, having unfettered access to the bathroom, and not being awakened by snoring or crying at all hours, I'll be glad when my guys come home.

It's not home without them.


Diana said...

I completely understand. The quiet is relaxing and enjoyable for a day or so but that quickly fades. Have a good weekend.

lucylucia said...

Oh Sally, isn't it nice that you have such wonderful people in your life?! I'm good for about a day or two tops, and then I have to see someone.

Sarah M. Anderson said...

It's true that if I didn't have to go to work and talk to the Lovely Mary, I'd be a mess. But luckily, my Gram is working to fill any - repeat, any - social void I might have right now.


lucylucia said...