Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is it Christmas Yet?

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours went pretty much like expected, although the rolls were only minimally over-browned this year. WOO! Ah, the turkey - the apple juice secret turkey - was amazing.

But there was one thing that happened off schedule. It snowed on November 30th where we were - at my in-laws' house. The old wives' tale, as my hubby repeated it four thousand times, is that since the first measurable snow occurred on the 30th, we will have 30 measurable snows this winter.

The toddler was ecstatic. I, of course, had not packed for an inch and a half, so my wonderful mother-in-law and I scrambled to find stuff that would keep me, my hubby, and my kid from getting pneumonia. So we crammed my 3 1/2 year old, who's wearing 5T footie sleepers, into a size 7 pair of snow pants. With the suspenders cinched all the way down, it actually worked. The mittens were more like socks on his hands, so we just disregarded the thumbs. At least I was a good-enough mother that he did have a winter coat, but we had to resort to - this is so bad - baggies rubber-banded around his feet.

Yup. I'm that kind of mom.

Of course, I'd packed only a light jacket, suitable for shopping in enclosed malls. So I wound up wearing my mother-in-law's boots and my father-in-law's coat and gloves. Same for my hubby (he wore his father's boots, though) but at least he looked normal. And out we went.

It wasn't really sledding snow, but that didn't stop my men. And of course, we did a snowman. It was snowman snow.

The kid did the ears. He was real proud of the ears.

Now, this was all well and good, but my kid is three. Three and a half. He took one look out the window Sunday morning at the snow falling and said, "Santa's HERE!" Never mind that I haven't even gotten him to the mall to see the Big Guy yet. Snow, in his mind, Equals Santa.

It snowed here yesterday. It was snowing when I picked him up from daycare, and he was just convinced that Santa was coming as soon as he went to sleep. He's all ready for stockings - he's even hung two different ones for his pooh bear.


I bought honey sticks for a stuffed animal's Christmas stocking. But he has been a very good bear this year. I'm that kind of mom.

What makes this even funnier is that the kid is not having what you might call a smooth month. He's getting into trouble at daycare, talking back to me and the hubby, and trying to body-slam my wiener dog. He's made a snow=Santa connection, but he's got no concept of the Nice List or the Naughty List. It's just not sinking in. Not even a little.

I told him IF he was good today, we'd go to the Mall tonight and see Santa. But it's a big IF. So we'll see. We already have him more presents than he needs, so if he doesn't shape up, they go back into the gift closet for his birthday. Trains keep.

So we'll see what kind of Christmas we have around here. Will the pooh bear get better gifts than the kid? Will I get anything but coal for being the world's meanest mom? (Okay - I know the answer to that one. After all, I have a car and a credit card). Will my poor hubby survive until then?

Stay Tuned!


lucylucia said...

Oh that's a cute post Sally! If it makes you feel any better the only type of foot coverings we had as kids were the plastic sandwich bags. Hey, it does the the trick. Keeps the wet out and the socks dry.

p.s. You've been "tagged" to post 7 random things about youself. I think I remember you already doing one of these, so no worries if you don't want to do it!

Sarah M. Anderson said...

Uh, Lucy -

Tagged? What is this of which you speak? Where? I'm clueless.

As usual.

lucylucia said...

It's some silly blogger thing where you have to do what the "tagger" thing says (in this case post 7 random things about yourself). You can go to my blog and see the directions. It's goofy, but fun!